Railway tunnel montage

Fig. 1: Gas lighting at Rothey Station on the preserved Great Central Railway. Photo Credit: Ian Handley.

Gas Lighting at Midland Railway Stations

An often forgotten fact about Midland Railway stations, on what we now know as The Robin Hood Line, is that they were all gas lit until closure.  At thirteen I can remember being shown, by a school friend, how to turn these lights on & off by using the wire which hung down at the side of the light.  This happened on a London and North Western Railway (LNWR) station, but I imagine the Midlands’s gas lights would have been very similar, if not the same. The header photograph was taken at Rothley Station on the preserved Great Central Railway in Leicestershire.

Railway tunnel montage

Fig. 1: Kirkby-in-Ashfield East railway station, lit by gas lighting to the end of regular passenger trains in October 1964. Photo Credit: David K Dykes.

The Parcels Office, lit by gas light,

Where they would be sorted by day and night,

Some to go local, other far away,

Stacked on a barrow ready for the next train today

Red fire buckets hung in rows so neat,

The name of the station fixed to the seat

Platforms were lit by popping gas lights

Fires in Waiting Rooms for those cold dark nights.


From Kirkby Station by John A Smith (1988).


Blog by Ian G. Handley

2nd October 2022